National Security.

The social, legal, economic and political American model is the envy of the world! Today, rogue nations threaten our security and safety as they interfere with America’s vital interests. They give aid and support to ever-growing radical groups whose sole purpose is to invade and destroy our freedoms and liberties. These radical groups will not be satisfied with enslaving our population, they want to eliminate us. We must be wise to their asymmetric tactics and recognize that our Constitution exists to preserve and protect our freedoms and liberties.


Borders delineate a nation’s sovereignty and must be protected, defended, and respected. They are a transit point for commerce vital to our national interests. We must know who comes in, their purpose, where they are, and when they leave. Visas must be followed and when expired, holders must renew or leave. Non-citizens entering the country legitimately are guests and must respect our laws and customs. Our borders must be controlled, protected and walled (either physically or virtually) in order to be able to identify and respond to breached sovereignty. Making sure our border agents, customs officials, and local law enforcement have the recourses they need is vital to both border and national security.

Second Amendment of the Constitution.

Of the first ten amendments in the Bill of Rights, the right to keep and bear arms is necessary to the foundation of the people’s sovereignty, tampering with this precious right shifts the constitutionally-established sovereignty to those who govern instead of “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” I will always support our Second Amendment and stand in the way of those who try to criminalize this important right of our citizens.


The recent tax reform is a huge step for growing the national economy, increasing jobs and creating more opportunities for all Americans. I am pleased to see the positive impact it will have on middle class America as well as the economy. The idea of completing a tax return in a single page is a relief to everyone! In the days ahead, Americans would further benefit from making the reforms permanent, reducing individual tax brackets to three, and eliminating the “death tax.”


The federal government has no business meddling in our individual healthcare choices and there is nothing constitutional about having the federal government interfere with our personal lives. “Obamacare” must be repealed in its entirety! While in Congress I worked to stop Obamacare’s destructive policies while promoting common sense, free market solutions to reduce costs and expand coverage.

Millions of Americans would be better served by allowing small businesses to band together to negotiate across state lines for more comprehensive and affordable plans; by enacting permanent tax deductions for insurance premiums; by encouraging health savings accounts; and by passing medical malpractice and tort reforms to stop runaway lawsuit abuse. We must find a way to end the practice of denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions or terminating coverage because of catastrophic illness, incentivize cross-state insurance markets to help control costs and assure individual states should assume the regulation of healthcare for their citizens.


Our national debt doubled over the last nine years. Social Security and Medicare costs now exceed 60% of our national budget and are rising. Meanwhile, our national infrastructure needs repair and our military is in dire need of upgrades. The economy must grow in order to address these critical economic issues. America’s economic recovery will come from people who are working every day to come up with new products, new innovations, and new ways to grow their businesses. Congress should be promoting these activities instead of new government programs. We must cut the needless growth of agencies whose rules and regulations choke our businesses and stifle economic growth. It is especially vital we completely eliminate Dodd-Frank and Obamacare.

While serving in Congress, I worked to reduce our country’s corporate tax rate which is among the highest of all industrialized nations driving millions of jobs and billions of dollars overseas; reducing unsound regulations that strangle job growth and economic development promoting regulations allowing our nation to focus on American energy development; reversing EPA efforts to enforce provisions of the destructive Cap and Trade legislation that will likely result in the largest loss/overseas export of American jobs ever driven by a single government action.

Focusing spending on national security, economic growth, sound infrastructure, and trade instead of feeding more government expansion is what we need to put money back in the hands of the folks who build our nation, create jobs, grow our food supply, teach our children, and invent in new technologies – all of which power our future.


Our military equipment and trained personnel are ill-prepared for an increasingly dangerous world where threats to our sovereignty, security, and allies are relentless. Only 1/3 of our planes are airworthy while our navy ships and equipment are at a readiness level unseen since just prior to World War II. This is completely unacceptable and requires immediate attention.


Our soldiers, today as in the past, have rendered heroic service to our nation. Many have lost limbs and, or, suffered psychiatric trauma. The care and assistance to these, the bravest among us, has not always been to the level that a grateful nation should render. The services to our veterans, whether healthcare, financial or educational must be raised. The original intent of the VA has been lost to mismanagement and bureaucracy. I believe this calls for a complete overhaul so that our veterans receive the services promised by a grateful nation.


Fair and free trade helps our economy and our middle class, yet trade agreements have become more favorable to trading partners than to hard-working Americans and their families. I am determined to help find a way to balance these “deals” for greater benefit to American citizens.


Our country sits atop the “motherlode” of fossil fuels. These resources of oil, gas, coal and hydrocarbons hold potential to fuel our economy for centuries to come. They could also be sold to our allies, helping them to diversify energy sources. As we make the best use of our own energy resources, we should seek to bring affordable alternative energy sources to market at no cost to taxpayers.


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